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Hosted by South Dakota Department of Education
JULY 15 - 18, 2024


This July, educators from grades K-12 will embark on a journey to explore the rich and diverse history of South Dakota. The Western, Central, and Eastern routes will lead them to key locations and attractions that play a significant role in the state's history. At each stop, educators will delve deep into the lives of those who shaped South Dakota's past and continue to impact its present. Regional experts will be present to offer valuable content, resources, activities, and location-specific lesson plans for educators to seamlessly integrate into their classroom curriculum. On the fourth day of the Road Trip, educators will focus on collaborative efforts with fellow Road Trip participants, refining ideas and lesson plans to infuse the study of civics, history, and geography into their daily teaching practices.


East Route | Host City: Brookings, South Dakota

Central Route | Host City: Pierre, South Dakota

West Route | Host City: Rapid City, South Dakota


The following are eligible to attend the South Dakota Road Trip: Individuals who are certified teachers responsible for implementing the South Dakota social studies standards. This applies to accredited public, private, tribal/Bureau of Indian Education schools in South Dakota.




South Dakota Department of Education

The South Dakota Department of Education is dedicated to enhancing learning through leadership and service. The South Dakota Department of Education's aspiration is for all students to leave the K-12 education system College, Career and Life Ready. The South Dakota Road Trip is sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Education in collaboration with the South Dakota State Historical Society and the Office of Indian Education/South Dakota Department of Tribal Relations.



Don't miss your chance to attend one of the below routes this July, reserve your seat today! All information, itineraries, communications, etc. will be communicated and shared via this website. Please check the website periodically for updated information.


  • FREE access to all attractions, educational opportunities and evening events

  • Complimentary lodging when booked through the registration process

  • Group transportation provided to and from all attractions

  • A welcome bag full of goodies provided at guest check-in

  • $500 stipend to full conference participants

    • ​Attendees eligible for the $500 stipend will be those individuals who are directly responsible for creating curriculum around, and implementation of, the South Dakota social studies standards. Attendance will be taken daily before departing from the hotel for the day's activities.

  • Drawings for prizes held throughout the event

  • 45 Continuing Education Contact hours or 3 Graduate Credits at a reduced rate


All routes for the 2024 South Dakota Road Trip are full and the waitlists are closed.

Thank you for your interest in South Dakota Road Trip!



Q: Do I need to book my own hotel room?

A: No, there is no need to book your hotel room. All attendees of the South Dakota Road Trip will be staying overnight on July 14 - 17, 2024 at a local hotel in their host city. There is no need to call directly to reserve your hotel room, as this will be done by our event planning team. Your hotel keycard must be picked up at the event registration desk on Sunday, July 14, 2024 beginning at 4:00PM. Hotel details will be released soon once the routes are finalized.


Q: Will I be required by the hotel to give them a personal credit card?

A: Yes, upon arrival at your hotel, you will be required to provide a credit card to be placed on-file for incidentals, as these are not covered by the event host. If unforeseen circumstances occur and attendees are no longer able to participate in the event, the attendee must call the hotel that they made the reservation at to cancel. If no cancellation has been made, the attendee and/or the school district's business office may be responsible for all expenses incurred.


Q: Will I be sharing a hotel room with another attendee?

A: Accommodations are single occupancy and there will not be any sharing of hotel rooms by guests.


Q: What time is check-in for the South Dakota Road Trip? 

A: Check-in for the event will take place at the hotel you are staying at beginning at 4:00PM on Sunday, July 14, 2024. At this time, you will receive a welcome bag and your hotel key card.

Q: What is the dress code for the week? 

A: Dress code throughout the week is casual. Please be sure to check the temperatures before packing to ensure you are dressed accordingly. Other suggested dress code items include:

  • Comfortable walking shoes, as we will be on our feet for portions of the day.

  • A light jacket or sweatshirt is suggested each day as some of the sites may be chilly due to air conditioning.


Special guest speakers are scheduled for many of the evening meals, so please keep this in mind when selecting evening attire.


Q: Will food and beverages be provided? 

A: Yes, all food and beverages will be provided including breakfast, snacks, bottled water, lunches and dinners. If breakfast is not available at your hotel, a meal voucher will be provided. If you prefer specific snacks that would make your trip more enjoyable, we suggest packing these and bringing them along. Snacks that may be featured on the trip include items like crackers, trail mix, mixed nuts, jerky and other items. Please take advantage of these options as we want everyone to stay energized and hydrated throughout this adventure.

Q: What other items should I bring with me? 

A: We suggest that you bring along any other amenities that would make your stay in the hotel room more enjoyable or during your bus ride. Some additional comfort items may include a reusable water bottle, headphones, light blanket, etc. Other items that we suggest that you bring along with you include:

  • Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. for your hotel room

  • Sunscreen & bug spray - as our tours will include plenty of outside time and we want you to avoid any nasty burns and bug bites

  • Small travel bag - your luggage will not be able to be taken with you on the bus; therefore, any special amenities should be tucked into a small travel bag

    • should you take medicine during the hours we will be on the road, please pack your medication in your small travel bag for access during travels

  • Portable charger for cell phones or other mobile device - as these will not be available during the hours we will be traveling on the buses.


Q: Will media be present during the South Dakota Road Trip?

A: Media will likely show up at various locations along the route. To create an environment where South Dakota Road Trip participants feel comfortable and confident to have discussions among peers, we are asking members of the media to limit their video/audio recording. We are also asking reporters to seek permission and approval from individual tour participants to use any written or recorded content in which a participant is quoted. If a reporter asks you to do an interview (whether on or off camera) and you are not interested, please feel free to decline the request. If you are willing to do an interview, that is perfectly acceptable as well.

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